Milk Share - 18 Weeks

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For 18 weeks in the Milk CSA, you will receive some of the best milk we have ever tasted (well, at least since the Lyman family exited the dairy business).

Located just across the Connecticut border in Ancramdale, NY, RonnyBrook Farm is a family-owned business that has been producing wholesome dairy products for decades! Their cows are treated like part of the family – they graze freely in the pastures and are on a healthy, all natural diet. They are never treated with any pesticides so the milk is free of RBST and antibiotics. Milk is pasteurized and non-homogenized – so the cream rises to the top! 

What is Creamline? Ronnybrook's milk is pasteurized but not homogenized, so the cream floats to the top. Non-homogenized milk lets the cream rise to the top, the old fashioned way all milk used to be. You can spoon off a little cream for your coffee, or shake it up for a consistent whole milk. Learn more

RonnyBrook Milk is available in glass quarts that require a bottle deposit (included in the price and refunded when bottles are returned) or in plastic half gallons.

A share in the Fruits & Vegetables Full or Medium Share CSA is required (excludes bi-weekly share).