Lyman Orchards Fruit Pies

Handmade Lyman's Fruit Pies - Taste the Tradition

We’ve been baking handmade pies for over 280 years and that means we’ve literally perfected every aspect of the pie. Our baking time is so precise, it’s why the fruit isn’t too mushy or too hard. It’s why the seasoning is just right, and the real fruit is layered the way it is. And it’s why our pies are consistently baked to perfection every single time.

Our pies are baked with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a whole lotta love.

If you know, you know.

The distinctive taste of New England and nostalgic trips to Lyman’s Orchards can be on your table for any occasion, at any time – like Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, holidays, or “Just because.”

To Ensure On Time Delivery for Easter, March 31st, All Orders MUST Be Placed By Sunday, March 24th. 

To order to pick up in store, click here.

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