CSA 2024 is now open.

When is the deadline to sign up for CSA Farm Share?

The last day to sign up for CSA Farm Share is Friday, May 31, 2024. 

The last day to sign up for the Harvest CSA Farm Share is Friday, July 26, 2024. 

What is a CSA Farm Share?
Simply put, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farm and a community of supporters that provides you with a direct connection to the farm.

CSA Farm Share members support their local farm by sharing the costs, risks, and bounty of growing food along with the farmer. In return, the farm provides a healthy supply of seasonal fresh produce throughout the growing season.

Becoming a partner creates a responsible relationship between people and the food they eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it.

How do I participate in Lyman's CSA Farm Share?

It is easy to join the Lyman Orchards CSA Farm Share. If you are interested in purchasing a share, click here to register. 

What is a share and how much does it cost?

A share is your portion of the farm's harvest or your piece of the crop! Our CSA Farm Share offers both a full share (feeds 4-6 people), a medium share (feeds 2-4 people) and our new bi-weekly share (a medium share that is picked up on a bi-weekly basis). A full share feeds 4-6 people with in-season, fresh-picked produce the peak of ripeness. The medium, bi-weekly & Harvest shares feed 2-4 people with different varieties of produce. In the first weeks you may receive strawberries and greens. Then throughout the season, you will enjoy a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, including our eco-certified peaches and apples. Our team is dedicated to providing a terrific variety of produce each week.

 Share Duration Feeds Price Weekly Cost
Full 18 Weeks 4-6 people $795 $44
Medium 18 Weeks 2-4 people $545 $31
Medium Bi-Weekly   9 Weeks 2-4 people $340 $38
Harvest (Starts in August)   9 Weeks 2-4 people $340 $38

Payment is due at the time of registration.

Our Harvest Share is new to 2024. This share starts in early August and will be a Medium size share for 9 weeks. This share eliminates the early season portion of CSA, which would include berries and greens.

Can I see a sample Share?
The following are samples of the quantities and varieties you may find in a weekly CSA basket:

Early-Season Sample Baskets

Variety Full Share Medium Share
Blueberries 2 pints 1 pint
Cucumbers 4 each 2 each
Snap Peas 1.5 lbs 1 lb
Green Squash 3lbs  
Tuscan Kale 1 bunch 1 bunch
Spinach 1 bunch 1 bunch
Onions-Red 1 bunch 1 bunch
Lettuce 1 head  

Mid-Season Sample Baskets

Variety Full Share Medium Share
Early Mac Apples 8 each 6 each
Cucumbers 2 each 1 each
Green Beans 1.5 lbs 1 lb
Tomatoes-Yellow 2 lbs 1 lbs
Pt Tomatoes 1 each  
Musk Melon 1 each 1 each
Swiss Chard 1 bunch 1 bunch
Italian Eggplant 2.5 lbs 1 lb
Corn 10 ears 5 ears
Sweet Peppers 1 lb 1 lb

Late-Season & Fall Share Sample Baskets

Variety Full Share Medium Share
Crispin Apples 10 each 5 each
Cauliflower 1 head 1 head
Delicate Squash 4.5 lbs 3 lbs
Swiss Chard 1 bunch 1 bunch
Summer Squash 3 lbs  
Radish 1 bunch 1 bunch
Red Potatoes 5 lbs 3 lbs
Peppers-Bell 2 lbs 1 lb
Kohlrabi 2 heads  
Cucumbers 2 each 2 each

See something you're not a fan of? Our CSA Farm Share is extremely flexible.  We're more than happy to swap items for you with an item of equal value as available.

Is a Lyman Orchards CSA Farm Share right for me?
If you have the goal to eat healthily, cook more often, or try new fruits and vegetables, Lyman Orchards CSA Farm Share is a great solution. With CSA, your fruit and vegetable share will vary from week to week depending upon which produce is at the height of readiness.

The beginning of the 18 week season starts out with greens and strawberries and naturally becomes more robust and varietal, as the summer and fall bounty of vegetables and fruit grow in. 

You pick up your fruits and vegetables right at the Apple Barrel Farm Market, so it is also a great chance to see what else is happening here on the farm.

How will I receive my share?
We will host two days each week where you will be able to pick-up your share at the Apple Barrel Farm Market. At the time of registration, you will choose which day of the week you prefer. Every Tuesday and Thursday beginning in mid-June you will come to pickup your share from 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

While you will be asked to pick a day for the entire season, we recognize that sometimes life gets in the way. If you need to switch days, please let us know the prior week by Thursday and we can try to accommodate. Anyone can pick up a share for the share owner. If a share isn’t picked up by noon the following day, unless otherwise notified, we will donate it to the local soup kitchen in your name.

NEW TO 2024: Customers will be able to pick out their own produce from the dedicated CSA bins. This allows customers to pick each produce item themselves to meet their own satisfaction.  Each bin will have a designated amount to choose based on your share size. 

Is there a risk with the CSA Farm Share?
Yes. Every day farmers deal with risk. By participating in the CSA Farm Share, you are taking on some of that risk. For example, the weather may negatively impact one or more of our crops, as it did last year with our peaches. However, by partnering with other local farmers for our CSA Farm Share, we are mitigating some of that risk. While we plan to have all crops available during their peak season, we cannot guarantee crop availability. We expect, however, that you will receive a basket filled with delicious and fresh-picked crops to meet the weekly value of your share.

Which other farms will be included in your CSA Farm Share?
While most of your fruits will come from Lyman Orchards, we are partnering with other local farms to provide a greater variety of produce and to mitigate some of the aforementioned risks. Our partner for vegetables and some fruits is Fair Weather Growers located right in Rocky Hill . We may utilize other local farms for our added-value CSA Farm Shares. 

Will other types of shares or add-ons be available?

No. This year we've made the decision to eliminate any optional additional shares. Instead, we are bringing more value to all our CSA members by offering all CSA shareholders 10% off any eggs, milk & cheese in our store in addition to the 10% off produce we have offered in the past from the first week of your CSA Share pick up to the last week.  We also will have CSA member only specials throughout the season for items in the store. 

    What are the benefits of joining the CSA Farm Share?

    • Farm-Fresh  harvested 24 hours or less before pickup - stays fresher longer!
    • CT Grown – responsibly grown by local farmers
    • Economical – costs less than the grocery store - as low as $24 per week!
    • Time Saver – top quality produce hand-selected just for you
    • Seasonal Eating – ripe, in-season fruits and vegetables
    • Healthy –vibrant and nutrient-rich
    • Variety – exposure to different varieties of produce
    • Flexible – optional share sizes, add-ons, and pickup times

    Are there any other benefits to participating in the CSA Farm Share?
    Yes, there are definitely additional benefits to participating in Lyman Orchards CSA Farm Share. In addition to a weekly share of just-picked fruits and vegetables that have been hand-selected just for members, you will also receive:

    • NEW TO 2024: 10% off milk, cheese & eggs at the Apple Barrel Farm Market from the first week of your CSA Farm Share to the final week (if you're also a Sweet Rewards customer, you'll get the better price if the product is on special that week)
    • NEW TO 2024: Each CSA member will receive a reusable Lyman Orchards bag on their first visit to pick up their share for packing your produce. You will be responsible for bringing your bag back each week to fill your produce. 
    • NEW TO 2024: CSA exclusive discounts deals
    • 10% off produce in the Apple Barrel Farm Market from the first week of your CSA Farm Share to the final week (if you’re also a Sweet Rewards customer, you’ll get the better price if produce in on special that week)
    • A weekly e-newsletter with tips and flavorful recipes for the specific produce in that week’s share, happenings on the farm, updates from our partner farmers, as well as behind the scenes information and stories;
    • Unlimited 24/7 access to the CSA-specific recipe website, Cook with What You Have
    • Exposure to fruits and vegetables you may not normally include in your meals
    • The CSA Farm Share keeps your food money local, providing local jobs, and promotes the continuation of agriculture in our towns.
    Who can I contact if I have questions about the CSA Farm Share?
    Please contact us at csa@lymanorchards.com and we will be happy to assist.