Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share

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Lyman Orchards invites you to join us for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in 2020. The CSA is a wonderful way for customers to share in the benefits of a delicious and healthy crop of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, sourced from our farm and from our partner farms here in the local area.

For 18 consecutive weeks starting in June, you will receive a share of delicious crops based upon seasonal availability. Throughout the summer and fall you will enjoy an ever-changing selection of fresh-picked produce. Our CSA is designed to provide members with farm-fresh, premium fruits and vegetables each week at a discounted price.

What is a share?
A share is your portion of the farm's harvest, or your piece of the crop! Our CSA program offers both a full share (feeds a family of 4) and a medium share (feeds 2-3). A full share is usually around 7-10 fresh-picked produce that are in season and at the peak of ripeness. In the first weeks you may receive strawberries and greens. Then throughout the season you will enjoy a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, including our eco-certified peaches and apples. Our team is dedicated to providing a terrific variety of produce each week.

A full vegetable and fruit share is $630 and a medium share is $396. 

Other weekly shares are also available, including:

  • Connecticut Eggs
  • Local Milk & dairy
  • Connecticut Cheeses & more
  • Lyman Orchards' bakery

How do I receive my share?
When you choose your share in the drop-down above, please select the version with the day of the week in which you prefer to pick up your share at Lyman Orchards' Apple Barrel market. Every Tuesday and Thursday, once the program begins, we will have your share ready for you to pick up between 11:30am – 6pm. You can designate other individuals to pick up your share. If you do not pick up your share before noon the following day, we will donate it to the local food shelter in your name.

Are there any other benefits to participating in the CSA program?
Yes, there are definitely additional benefits to participating in Lyman Orchards’ CSA program. In addition to the weekly share of just-picked fruits and vegetables that have been hand selected just for your family, you will also receive:
  • 10% off produce and fruit in the Apple Barrel market every day (if you’re also a Sweet Rewards customer, you’ll get the better price if produce in on special that week);
  • 10% off in our Pick Your Own orchards;
  • A weekly e-newsletter with tips and flavorful recipes for the specific produce in that week’s share, happenings on the farm, updates from our partner farmers, as well as behind the scenes information and stories;
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to a CSA-designed recipe website, Cook with What You Have
  • Exposure to fruits and vegetables you may not normally include in your meals;
  • A more personal relationship with your local farmers, including planned “Meet the Farmer Days” and a behind-the-scenes tour of the farm.
  • The CSA program keeps your food money local, providing local jobs, and promotes the continuation of agriculture in our towns.

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